Introduction to RAS

Vision: “To strive to improve the prosperity and welfare of all Rwandans through the promotion of sustainable use of sciences with the aim of achieving a knowledge-based society”.

Mission: “To generate evidence-based solutions to national problems and cross-cutting strategic issues by effective promotion and utilization of sciences for sustainable development.


Welcome to RAS

The Rwanda Academy of Sciences (RAS) was established on 28th October 2016, under a recommendation by the Government of Rwanda. It is registered by the Rwanda Governance Board as a National Non-Governmental Organization.

RAS aims at supporting the generation of evidence-based solutions to national, as well as global challenges, through effective promotion of utilization of knowledge (the Arts and Sciences) for sustainable development.

RAS aims at mobilizing the national science and intellectual community as an effective workforce, including the diaspora, in the creation, transfer, maintenance and advancement of knowledge in all areas of human endeavor. To achieve its mission, RAS is organized into five thematic Sections. They include: 1) Agricultural and environmental sciences Section; 2) Physical and Mathematical sciences Section; 3) Life and Medical Sciences Section; 4) Engineering and Technology Section; 5) Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Section.

Among its objectives, RAS is committed to providing evidence-based advice to the nation (Government, industry and other organizations). RAS is further committed to promoting a culture of scientific excellence and its beneficial applications. We do this by actively involving the youth, as future scientists, and by promoting a balanced gender representation into our growing scientific and technological community. We also do this by creating awareness within our communities, as enduser, on the benefits of science and technology. Lastly, we do this by advocating for proper, safe and ethical exploitation of the sciences to address cross-cutting societal issues.

Finally, in its quest for evidence-based solutions, RAS, looks for friends and partnerships among other academies, organizations, local and international, individuals and groups. We look forward to your partnership and/or friendship.

Thank you.


27 January 2020

RAS Inaugural Symposium on Research

Agenda: General state; Invitation letters and feedback; Guest of honor; Panels management for best output; Post-symposium report; Logistics committee; Stands; Protocol set-up; Time keeping/MCs; Other issues; Technical committee; Filling remaining talk slots; Number of posters/stands; Poster printing; Other issues; AOB.

16 June 2021

RAS Webinar: A look at Covid-19 interventions that worked in Rwanda.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which was first reported in December 2019, has easily been the one most disruptive disease to the human social fabric this century. To date more than 176 million have contracted the disease, and more than 3.8 million have succumbed to it.